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CEO and Innovator

CEO and Innovator


Nam Kim

CEO and Innovator

Artificial Consciousness Technology

Skytrack Technology Inc.

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A Bit About Me

Everybody has a story, and here is mine. 

Born in South Korea, I immigrated to the United States in the early 1980s to chase the American Dream. As an entrepreneur, I worked my way up in the world of small business. In my spare time, I enjoyed reading about science, technology, and politics. And as an innovator, I wanted to make a difference and contribute to society in a revolutionary way. In just a matter of time, Aritifical Consciousness Technology Inc was created. 

My Timeline








CEO/ Innovator of Skytrack Technology LLC 

CEO/ Innovator of Artificial Consciousness Technology (ACT)

Political Action Committee Chairman for Georgia Korean Beverage Association 

CEO of US Science and Technology Group, LLC

Master Developer for "Ruby Tuesdays" in South Korea

President of the Korean American Public Relations Foundation

Author of "One Believing Theory": Physics

Physics Synopsis: We (Matter) move at the speed of light but are decelerating which causes change in time, space, and mass. "Therefore, the universe is expanding at an accelerated velocity." 

"Everything (all matters) is moving and rotating.

As long as gravity is present.

There is no stationary matter in space.

Earth orbits the sun, while the solar system orbits in the galaxy. 

Groups of galaxies rotate, galaxy clusters rotate, supercluster rotates, and the universe rotates."


Nothing is in a suspended state.


Commissioner and Vice Chairman of the Board of License Commissioners for Prince George's county, MD

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